No. XXII (1991)

Дефтери фодула београдског имарета Мехмеда-паше Јахјапашића

Aleksandar Fotić
Institute for Balkan Studies, Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts

Published 01.12.1991


  • Ottoman Empire,
  • defters,
  • fodules,
  • Belgrade,
  • Mehmed Pasha Jahjapašić

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Fotić, A. (1991). Дефтери фодула београдског имарета Мехмеда-паше Јахјапашића. Balcanica - Annual of the Institute for Balkan Studies, (XXII), 57–74. Retrieved from


The author published, elaborated and commented on two brief Turkish defters keipt at the University library in Bologna. The defters date from the mid-17th century and contain the names of the people who received fodules (a kind of bread) every day at the Belgrade imaret Mehmed Pasha Jahjapašić. These defters belong to a group of rare and important Turkish sources of local origin which have not been published and analyzed in historiography so far. They contain valuable information which will shed light on the way Mehmed Pasha's waqf worked and show the social sturcture of an oriental town, as Belgrade was at the time.


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