No. XXXVII (2006)

Les relations franco-serbes au sein de l’Armée d’Orient 1915–1918

Alexis Troude
Académie de géopolitique, Paris

Published 01.12.2006


  • Franco-Serbian relations,
  • Salonica Front,
  • World War I,
  • France,
  • Serbia,
  • Balkans
  • ...More

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Troude, A. (2006). Les relations franco-serbes au sein de l’Armée d’Orient 1915–1918. Balcanica - Annual of the Institute for Balkan Studies, (XXXVII), 221–239.


The paper offers an atypical approach to the Franco-Serbian collaboration on the Salonica Front in that it seeks to view it from the perspective of participants rather than to base itself on reports submitted by the respective military commands. Interesting and frequently contradictory personal experiences drawn from the encounter of two culturally and geographically remote worlds reflect the daily life of French and Serbian soldiers. Observing Franco-Serbian relations at three parallel levels – everyday contacts on the front, support of French scholars and intellectuals to Serbia, and diplomatic relations between the two countries – the paper builds an argumentation for the process of establishing French influence in Serbia and the Balkans.


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