No. LII (2021)

European borders in Serbian history

Jovanka Kalić
Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts Belgrade

Published 01.12.2021


  • Roman Empire,
  • Serbs,
  • Ottoman Turks

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Kalić, J. (2021). European borders in Serbian history. Balcanica - Annual of the Institute for Balkan Studies, (LII), 7–23.


This paper looks at the typology of borders which have traversed the Balkan lands for centuries. They have been diverse - geographical, political, economic, ethnic, linguistic, religious and cultural. As a result of their length of duration, consequences and importance, they led to phenomena which can hardly be fully appreciated. Serbs lived along those borders, be they already existing or created over time. This research is focused on two borders. The one created by the division of the Roman Empire (395) and strengthened by the schism of Christianity (1054), and the other, completely different, created by the Ottoman conquest of the Balkan lands in the fifteenth century. Local Balkan borders, on the other hand, have never acquired a broader significance in the culture of this region.


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