No. XXI (1990)

„Нова археологија“: да ли она има будућност?

Mirjana Stevanović
University of California at Berkeley

Published 01.12.1990


  • archaeology,
  • New Archeology,
  • scientific method

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Stevanović, M. (1990). „Нова археологија“: да ли она има будућност?. Balcanica - Annual of the Institute for Balkan Studies, (XXI), 185–200. Retrieved from


During the past twenty years archeology in the West has displayed peculiarities in its development which distinguish this period from the rest. The novelty in this particular period of archeology is above all the endeavor to take on elements from other scientific disciplines to assist the further development of archeology. The American "New Archeology" was especially active in this sense, appealing to the philosophy of science for its methodological principles and rules built mainly on the foundations of the study of natural sciences. The effect of this "venture" into other disciplines for the further development of archeology is very interesting and deserves to be analyzed. The issue currently raised in the West, regarding the place of theory in archeology which is largely consequential to what "New Archeology" undertook in its discipline, is of critical significance.


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