No. XL (2009)

Dušan T. Bataković’s trilogy on Kosovo and Metohija

Mihailo Vojvodić
Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts

Published 06.02.2023

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Vojvodić, M. (2023). Dušan T. Bataković’s trilogy on Kosovo and Metohija. Balcanica - Annual of the Institute for Balkan Studies, (XL), 207–211. Retrieved from


An Important Contribution to Contemporary Historiography: Dušan T. Bataković’s Trilogy on Kosovo and Metohija. Kosovo i Metohija u srpsKo-arbanaškim odnosima [Kosovo and Metohija in Serbo-Albanian Relations], Belgrade: Čigoja, 2006, pp. 393; Dečanslo pitanje [The Dečani Question], Belgrade: Čigoja, 2007, pp. 355; Kosovo i Metohija. Istorija i ideologija [Kosovo and Metohija: History and Ideology, Belgrade: Čigoja, 2007, pp. 470.


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