No. XXII (1991)

Цинцари у Битољу

Jovan F. Trifunoski
University of Belgrade, Faculty of Philosophy

Published 01.12.1991


  • Tzintzars,
  • Vlachs,
  • Aromanians,
  • Bitola (Bitolj),
  • North Macedonia

How to Cite

Trifunoski, J. F. (1991). Цинцари у Битољу. Balcanica - Annual of the Institute for Balkan Studies, (XXII), 239–247. Retrieved from


Bitola (Bitolj) did not enter scientific annals because of its important geographic position, but also because of an old Balkan population, originally from present-day southern Albania, which had preserved itself in the town for about 150 years, or some six generations. The group comprised Tzintzars, or Vlachs (Aromanians). In 1900 they numbered 7,000 people, falling to 5,000 in 1913. According to the official census of 1953, there were 483 Tzintzars in Bitola with some 100 households. Censuses of subsequent date have failed to cite the number of Tzintzars in Bitola. Unfortunately, science has failed to research them enough. The opportunity is missed.


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