No. XX (1989)

Античке координате Доситејеве просветитељске мисли

Miodrag Stojanović
University of Belgrade, Faculty of Philology

Published 01.12.1989


  • Dositej Obradović,
  • Enlightenment,
  • classical sources,
  • Serbia,
  • South Slavs

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Stojanović, M. (1989). Античке координате Доситејеве просветитељске мисли. Balcanica - Annual of the Institute for Balkan Studies, (XX), 271–282. Retrieved from


The author divided this paper in three parts. First, he talked about Dositej 's education and schooling with special emphesis on his classical education. The second part treated classical and other writers who Dositej could have read in the original and who he quoted so often in original or in his own translations. The author came to the conclusion that Dositej was mainly interested in historical-biographical and ethical-philosophical works of classical writers. In Sebian cultural circumstances of his time, Dositej was considered and remained the interpretor of the classical past, its history and morals. He never interpreted that past as something terminated. His task, on the contrary, was based on profound beleif that the antiquity should be incorporated in the present and thus, prove that it is still alive. Finally, in the third, concluding part of the paper, the author treated the problem of Dositej 's influence and his followers. His didactic, educational and enlightened work did not limit ils impact to Serbs only. His thought of the reformer and teacher visibly influenced the wakeaning of the nacional consciousness and free critical reasoning of all South Slav and Balkan peoples already during his lifetime.


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