No. XXXVI (2005)

Anthropological Traces of Slav Presence in Kosovo and Metochia

Živko Mikić
University of Belgrade, Faculty of Philosophy

Published 01.12.2005


  • anthropological research,
  • medieval populations,
  • Kosovo,
  • Kosovo and Metochia,
  • necropoleis

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Mikić, Živko. (2005). Anthropological Traces of Slav Presence in Kosovo and Metochia. Balcanica - Annual of the Institute for Balkan Studies, (XXXVI), 39–49.


At the current level of anthropological research on medieval populations of Kosovo and Metochia, the total of five skeleton series is available: Matičane, Djonaj, Rezala, Kuline and, partly, Novo Brdo. The necropolises roughly cover the period between the tenth and sixteenth centuries. Their anthropological contents indicate curvoccipital dolichocranial Slavs, and a planoccipital brachycranial population buried mostly around Orthodox churches.


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