No. XXIII (1992)

The Mesolithic Population of the Iron Gates Region

Živko Mikić
University of Belgrade, Faculty of Philosophy

Published 01.12.1992


  • Balkans,
  • Iron Gates (Đerdap),
  • Mesolithic,
  • archaeology,
  • material culture

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Mikić, Živko. (1992). The Mesolithic Population of the Iron Gates Region. Balcanica - Annual of the Institute for Balkan Studies, (XXIII), 33–45. Retrieved from


There is a pronounced imbalance in archaeological and anthropological knowledge about the Mesolithic. Thanks to the number and contents of archaeological sites, the Mesolithic is better known to archaeologists but much less to anthropologists. Dependent as it is solely on the study of human skeletal finds, anthropology has devoted much less attention to this period. The reason lies in the fact that osteológica! material is less frequently found than remains of material culture and it is in worse condition. The Mesolithic population of the Iron Gates - whose bio-anthropological continuity was unbroken from the Upper Palaeolithic to the Early Neolithic - no doubt deserves more attention. This paper is a contribution to such efforts.


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